The B School International

The B School International, first International business school in Kerala , now come together to offer you an unprecedented opportunity to become a global business professional.

As a UK twinning centre The B School International is proud to deliver international education to the students at their doorsteps with a pragmatic shift of paradigm. In teaching methodology we equip our students with the international management education and provide them excellent options to choose either of the UK or Foriegn universities to finish their learning skills with a BA (Hons) or MBA there. We are bent upon providing the multi-fold global management education to our students with emphasis on research, practical approach, referential techniques and more.

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At TBI we'll challenge your conventional way of thinking, break your usual ways of learning and introduce you to international learning experience. Here you will prepare yourself for the next level of professional life by making you ready to lead change, overcome competitive challenges, address strategy gaps and make the most of every opportunity for growth.

  • Immense
    Learning Experience

    TBI programs are designed to be compatible with students' professional commitments throughout the program. Nevertheless, students must bear in mind that maximum benefit of the program demands both practical learning and the theoretical from time to time.

  • Award Winning

    TBI is different, because it has ventured to go beyond conventions. Perhaps it is the only business school in Kerala exclusively built by award winning academicians.

  • Global

    The TBI curriculum emphasizes an international & strategic management programme, because well- rounded managers make better leaders. Once you've mastered the core disciplines, you'll experience a curriculum that's tailored to your personal and professional goals.

  • Variety
    of Teaching Methods

    As a TBI student, you will learn through a variety of teaching methods, because we don't believe in a one-size- fits-all approach. Through case studies, lectures and seminars, team projects, simulations and experiential learning opportunities, you will be better equipped with skills to lead in the work force, no matter what you want to pursue.

    Practical Case Discussion

    The knowledge gained from the cases will last a lifetime. Case study scenarios are so effective because they cover real companies in real situations and give you an opportunity to test problem-solving and decision-making skills through the various role plays.

  • Final Project

    Students will work on their assignment which are designed to test their learning on each subject. The students are required to bring their own views on each module of their subject with appropriate theoretical underpinning giving the student the opportunity to come up with their creativity, lateral thinking and critical thinking skills to express their Innate talents in each subject.

  • Industry Interaction

    At TBI, real time industrial exposure is just as important as a dynamic classroom exchange, you will have a variety of opportunities to expand your learning and your network outside the classroom.

  • Team Work

    In order to analyze cases that are to be later discussed In the class, participants are divided into working groups. Teams are changed for interim periods. Discussions are enriched via the differing opinions of the various individuals In the group. This in turn aids discussion in the general sessions.

    Dean's Message


    Mr. Faisal P Seyd

    The Business School International represents excellence in the business management, finance, commerce, and psychology sciences. We provide a foundation for applied practical learning and creative experiences to the students who enrol here rather than the rote memory based learning which is prevalent in our society.

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    Historic &
    Cultural Location

    The TBI campus puts you in the heart of Kerala, one of the most historic and culturally enriching regions.

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